How to Select the Perfect Virgin Mobile Phone

Virgin Mobile does not require that customers purchase a new phone in order to access their service, but if you are in the market for a new smartphone, the company offers plenty of options. From basic to advanced, and some in-between, there are plenty of phones offered on the Virgin Mobile website. The following tips will help to ensure that you make the selection that is perfect for you and how you use mobile service.

There are two main options for sorting through the phones on the Virgin Mobile website. You can either view the list of Pay As You Go phones or Pay Monthly phone. The Pay As You Go options need to be purchased and paid for upfront when the order is place, while the Pay Monthly phones can be paid for over a series of monthly payments if you wish (approved credit required). Before shopping for a phone, you’ll want to decide which of these two service types you will be opting for and then proceed to the associated page on the Virgin Mobile website.

There are several ways to filter out smartphone options that you are or are not interested in. For example, you can view phones that are produced only be certain manufacturers, or only use a specific operating system. There is also an option to only see models that offer certain features, such as a front-facing camera, Bluetooth capability, touchscreen, and more. If you simply want to see the most popular devices, you can do just that by selecting that option from the left side-bar on the devices page.

If you are like most people, cost is also a factor in the selection process. When selecting a phone to use with a Pay As You Go plan, you will need to pay for the purchase upfront. If you already own a phone that you like and would only like to access Virgin Mobile service, speak with the customer service department about requesting a SIM card for your phone. The SIM can be installed in your existing device and will allow you to access the Virgin Mobile network. Should you decide to purchase a phone at a later time, you still can.

The phones on the Pay Monthly list offer the monthly price, which includes the tariff and payment cost of the phone. Typically, there is no upfront cost, but when there is one, this information will be shown along with the product listing. If you have questions about any of the phones or service plans, contact Virgin Mobile. Their customer services team can help with pairing you up with the type of device that you need, at a monthly payment amount that you can afford.